Have you been approved?

Have you been approved?


In what ways do you seek approval?

By being good?

By looking good?

By being good at something?

By being bad?

By being modest?

By being nice?

By being smart?

By having stuff?  

The 'right' house, car, books, phone...?

By being Apple?

By being PC?

Having the right hair?

Having the right clothes?

The right weight?

By not having stuff?

By being famous?

By being infamous?

Being in the right club?

By how much you're worth?

By how much you give?

By your work?

Being funny?

Being generous?

Doing the right thing?

Doing the wrong thing?

Does this way of being get the approval you're seeking?

How much effort is it for you?

What does it stop you doing?

Who are you really seeking approval from?

And what would things be like if you didn't seek approval at all?

I think it might be worth thinking about these things.

This blog is a prototype

This blog is a prototype

Dance like nobody's watching

Dance like nobody's watching